I am just going to put this out there since we still get inquiries about touring and shows and things of that nature.

I (Matt) am about to become a first time father at the end of November so that means for the next several years there will be no possibility of KWD touring. I make my living running Tribunal Records and Divebomb Records and there is no feasible way to do that from the road anymore. I tried the first couple of tours and it proved nearly impossible and it would be even harder now.

The guys and I have talked about some local reunion shows (since our last appearance was over 5 years ago now) at some point but scheduling is difficult. So I am not saying this is the end, because I never say never, but for now, KWD is going up on the shelf to gather some dust. I will still be running the Facebook page posting the same stupid sh*t I always do (yes, more pictures of our cat, Keegan, and his fat belly).

We had an awesome run and we could not have done anything without the help of all our fans who came to shows, bought merch/music and all that jazz. What started out as a goof became something so much more and it was because of all of you. We thank you.

We will be having a merch blow out sale around Halloween to help make space for baby stuff. Keep an eye out for that. It will be first come first served and we won’t be re-ordering any new merch for a long time. So this will be it.

Now stop reading and……