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North Carolina’s KILLWHITNEYDEAD have just released their new album, Suffer My Wrath. Their first new material since 2007’s Nothing Less Nothing More and Hell to Pay double shot, the 11-track album finds the band at a crossroads. Entering their 12th year of existence, Killwhitneydead’s origins are deeply rooted in the early deathcore scene, but on Suffer My Wrath, the group steps away from the genre’s stylistic confines, creating something much more alluring.

Lead vocalist Matt Rudzinski elaborates, “Over the years, we have definitely been pigeonholed as a group and deservedly so, but when Kyle (guitar) handed me this batch of new songs back in 2010 I knew we were going to shake things up for KWD fans.…

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KILLWHITNEYDEAD have decided to release a digital collection for the 2012 holiday season showcasing their 10 years as a group. Entitled, “Greatest Bloody Hits: A Decade Of Debauchery (2002-2012)” is comprised of 21 tracks and is intended as an introductory piece for new fans.  It contains tracks from all of the band’s releases plus their cover of Seaweed’s “Baggage” and new demo track “Sound The Alarms” taken from the forthcoming new album “Suffer My Wrath” which is long delayed but due out in early 2013.  “Greatest Bloody Hits: A Decade Of Debauchery (2002-2012)” is due for release in November 2012.

Tracks to be contained on the collection are as follows:

01 Put a Sock In It
02 Let Me Give You A Hand Throwing Yourself Out
03 Just When You Thought I Was Listening
04 Words Don’t Last Forever Your Wounds Will
05 I’m Just One Girl I Can’t F*ck The Whole World
06 Time To Teach Her A Lesson Called “Replaceable”
07 No Sense Doing It If You Don’t Look Good
08 Save Your Sermons For Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off
9 If I Told You I Loved You Would I Get It Any Faster?…

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North Carolina’s KILLWHITNEYDEAD have handed over mixing duties to longtime producer and friend, Jamie King.  The upcoming new album, Suffer My Wrath, was tracked with new guitarist/producer Kyle Odell at his home studio beginning in early 2011 and has been worked on sporadically since then when the members found the time.  Vocalist Matt Rudzinski commented, “We originally tried to do it all ourselves, but decided that after having worked with Jamie King for the band’s entire career that it only made sense to let him mix the final product.  We had planned on getting the album released in 2012, but with this new development in the album’s production we have to push it back, again.”

Release date is planned now for early 2013. …

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JONAS SEES IN COLOR to release deluxe digital edition of “Avalanche” EP worldwide on January 24th. Before releasing their full-length debut album on Glassnote Records in 2009, North Carolina rockers JONAS SEES IN COLOR recorded the “Avalanche” EP, a collection of early material that quickly sold out and has been digitally unavailable for years.

Thanks to new label Pretty Plastic Records (a digital specialty division of Tribunal Records), the record is back and now in Deluxe Edition format. For the fans the original 6 tracks have been coupled with 4 special bonus tracks while vocalist, Ryan Downing, has provided updated cover artwork.

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Tribunal Records signed DAYLIGHT DIES in 2000 and immediately caused quite a stir within our fledging and predominantly metalcore fan base. DAYLIGHT DIES were the first true metal band on our roster and we couldn’t have been happier to welcome them aboard all those years ago. Now 11 years later DAYLIGHT DIES has achieved worldwide success and released numerous critically acclaimed albums via Relapse Records and Candlelight Records. They have toured with Katatonia, Moonspell, Lacuna Coil and were main support for Emperor during two capacity crowd reunion shows in New York City. They have come a long way since the initial release of Idle in 2000 and we couldn’t be more proud of them.…