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We are currently uploading our ENTIRE catalog to Bandcamp.  Needless to say it is going to take a bit of work on our end.  You will be able to stream everything and purchase what you like.  If you are unaware of Bandcamp please check it out.

iTunes currently has a major stranglehold on the digital music industry with no end in sight.  Labels and artists lose an immediate 30% of all sales simply for “allowing” iTunes to sell our products.  iTunes also no longer lets individuals submit audio to sell, so we must all go through a “middle man” who in turn takes another 15-20%. …

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KILLWHITNEYDEAD have decided to release a digital collection for the 2012 holiday season showcasing their 10 years as a group. Entitled, “Greatest Bloody Hits: A Decade Of Debauchery (2002-2012)” is comprised of 21 tracks and is intended as an introductory piece for new fans.  It contains tracks from all of the band’s releases plus their cover of Seaweed’s “Baggage” and new demo track “Sound The Alarms” taken from the forthcoming new album “Suffer My Wrath” which is long delayed but due out in early 2013.  “Greatest Bloody Hits: A Decade Of Debauchery (2002-2012)” is due for release in November 2012.

Tracks to be contained on the collection are as follows:

01 Put a Sock In It
02 Let Me Give You A Hand Throwing Yourself Out
03 Just When You Thought I Was Listening
04 Words Don’t Last Forever Your Wounds Will
05 I’m Just One Girl I Can’t F*ck The Whole World
06 Time To Teach Her A Lesson Called “Replaceable”
07 No Sense Doing It If You Don’t Look Good
08 Save Your Sermons For Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off
9 If I Told You I Loved You Would I Get It Any Faster?…

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TRIBUNAL RECORDS 100 is now available from the following locations.

BANDCAMP (For lossless CD QUALITY download)

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We have a new 19 track digital sampler available for FREE at this location.  It features plenty of tracks from current releases as well as the first place you can download BRAND NEW tracks by KILLWHITNEYDEAD, VANISHER and FORTE.  Please feel free to share it with all your friends via blogs and social networking sites.  We want everyone to check out what we have going on at Tribunal.  Into classic metal and hard rock too?  Well, you are in luck.  21 track Divebomb Records digital sampler is available here.…