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North Carolina’s KILLWHITNEYDEAD have handed over mixing duties to longtime producer and friend, Jamie King.  The upcoming new album, Suffer My Wrath, was tracked with new guitarist/producer Kyle Odell at his home studio beginning in early 2011 and has been worked on sporadically since then when the members found the time.  Vocalist Matt Rudzinski commented, “We originally tried to do it all ourselves, but decided that after having worked with Jamie King for the band’s entire career that it only made sense to let him mix the final product.  We had planned on getting the album released in 2012, but with this new development in the album’s production we have to push it back, again.”

Release date is planned now for early 2013.  Suffer My Wrath is the first new material from the group since the release of Nothing Less Nothing More and Hell To Pay which were simultaneously released on the same day in June 2007.  The new album marks a big change in direction for the band due to Kyle Odell’s writing style compared to previous incarnations of the group.  Rudzinski asserted, “it is still metal as f*ck, so don’t get the wrong idea, but the album is just more mature in it’s approach i think.  We hope the fans will grow with us.”

Tracks to be contained on the new album are as follows:
Sound The Alarms
Demons Consume
Tyrant Enthroned
Tip Of My Tongue
Evil Lives Within
Replicate To Survive
Serpents & Lies
Living Hollow
The Death Of Celebrity